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About Us

We help entrepreneurs build their website and market their business using it!

Entrepreneur Ultimate is dedicated to helping small (and new) business owners CREATE and DESIGN their own website! It’s costly enough to launch a new start-up, so you shouldn’t be paying thousands of dollars outsourcing the creation of your website when you can EASILY do it yourself in an afternoon.

We break the myth that you have to hire a professional web developer to create a stunning, fully functional website. We believe that no matter your tech experience, you can have a gorgeous website up and running in one afternoon!

In addition to helping you CREATE and DESIGN your website, we show you simple marketing strategies to help your website produce leads to your business! If this sounds like the resource you need, be sure to join teamUltimate by subscribing to Entrepreneur Ultimate on YouTube and follow us on Twitter!


Frequently Asked Questions

What theme should i use on my website?

We highly recommend using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. It is one of the most robust themes on the market because of its industry-leading page builder. If you’re unsure of what a page builder is, it’s basically just an easy way to design your website by dragging and dropping things around on the page. In fact, is built using Divi.

Purchase the Divi theme here. (our affiliate link)

do you have any resources to help me build my website?

Yes! We have pre-built Divi layouts for you! You can view those layouts here, or shop amazing 3rd party layouts here on (our affiliate link).

Where can i find the Entrepreneur Ultimate YouTube channel?

You can find our channel here. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a new video!


teamUltimate is the Entrepreneur Ultimate followers. We’re a group of people, mostly small business owners, who believe that we don’t need to hire expensive web developers or marketers for our business. We believe that no matter how techy a business owner is, they can CREATE and DESIGN their own website!